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Wolf Call (1939)
Poster Size: 227x598
Tags: Wolf Call, 1939, George Waggner, John Carroll, Movita, George Lynn, Peter George Lynn, Guy Usher, Holmes Herbert, Polly Ann Young, George Cleveland
Silver Stallion (1941)
Poster Size: 1287x2000
Tags: Silver Stallion, 1941, Edward Finney, David Sharpe, LeRoy Mason, Chief Thundercloud, Chief 'Tonto' Thundercloud, Thornton Edwards, Walter Long, Janet Waldo, Fred Hoose
K-9 (1989)
Poster Size: 255x383
Tags: K-9, 1989, Rod Daniel, James Belushi, Mel Harris, Ed O'Neill, Kevin Tighe, Koton, Jerry Lee, James Handy, Daniel Davis
Top Dog (1995)
Poster Size: 1600x1290
Tags: Top Dog, 1995, Aaron Norris, Chuck Norris, Michele Lamar Richards, Erik von Detten, Carmine Caridi, Clyde Kusatsu, Kai Wulff, Peter Savard Moore, Timothy Bottoms
K-911 (1999)
Poster Size: 738x1068
Tags: K-911, 1999, Charles T. Kanganis, James Belushi, Christine Tucci, James Handy, Wade Williams, Wade Andrew Williams, J.J. Johnston, Joe Palese, Scotch Ellis Loring
K-9: P.I. (2002)
Poster Size: 1064x1500
Tags: K-9: P.I., 2002, Richard J. Lewis, James Belushi, Gary Basaraba, Kim Huffman, Jody Racicot, Christopher Shyer, Barbara Tyson, Blu Mankuma, Duncan Fraser
Ace of Hearts (2008)
Poster Size: 683x1024
Tags: Ace of Hearts, 2008, David Mackay, Dean Cain, Britt McKillip, Mike Dopud, Anne Marie DeLuise, David Patrick Green, David Green, Burkely Duffield, Daniel Boileau
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