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Wolf Call (1939)

Wolf Call (1939)
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Playboy Michael "Mike" Vance, night-clubbing in New York City with Natalie. Natalie is shallow. Mike doesn't care. Mike and Natalie join a scavenger hunt and break-in a pet shop to get something they require for the treasure-hunt prize. While there, Mike frees Smokey, a police dog, and Smokey follows Mike home. The next day, Mike's father, disgusted with Mike's spoiled and care-free lifestyle and hangovers, sends Mike to the Vance Canadian Radium Mine to report back whether or not the mine is worth keeping. Mike takes Smoky with him. In Canada, Mike meets a priest, Father Devlin and Grogan, an Irish mine worker, and when Mike gets into a fight with "Bull" , the impressed Groagn and Father Devlin befriend him. Mike meets with Carson, the mine superintendent, who tells Mike that the mine is losing money and should be sold to Radium Syndicate Ltd., Inc., because the cost of shipping radium is too high for a single owner. But Mike also meets the Indian maiden, Towanah, who begs him ...
Wolf Call, 1939, George Waggner, John Carroll, Movita, George Lynn, Peter George Lynn, Guy Usher, Holmes Herbert, Polly Ann Young, George Cleveland, John Kelly, Wheeler Oakman, John Sheehan, Charles Irwin, Grey Shadow, Smokey the Dog, animal film, dog, police dog, German shepherd
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