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K-911 (1999)

K-911 (1999)
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K-911 is a motion picture comedy which was released direct-to-video in 1999. It was directed by Charles T. Kanganis and stars James Belushi as Detective Michael Dooley. The film serves as the sequel to the 1989 film K-9. K-911 was followed by K-9: P.I. (2002).
K-911, 1999, Charles T. Kanganis, James Belushi, Christine Tucci, James Handy, Wade Williams, Wade Andrew Williams, J.J. Johnston, Joe Palese, Scotch Ellis Loring, Vincent Castellanos, Timo Flloko, Joe Sabatino, Ron Yuan, Susanna Puisto, Denise Dowse, Marla Frees, Mac, Nadja Pionilla, animal film, dog, police dog, German shepherd
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