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It Came from Beneath the Sea (1955)
Poster Size: 1962x3000
Tags: It Came from Beneath the Sea, 1955, Robert Gordon, Faith Domergue, Kenneth Tobey, Donald Curtis, Ian Keith, Dean Maddox Jr., Chuck Griffiths, Harry Lauter, Richard W. Peterson
King Dinosaur (1955)
Poster Size: 502x768
Tags: King Dinosaur, 1955, Bert I. Gordon, William Bryant, Bill Bryant, Wanda Curtis, Douglas Henderson, Patti Gallagher, Marvin Miller, dinosaur film, animal film
Mountain Family Robinson (1979)
Poster Size: 580x848
Tags: Mountain Family Robinson, 1979, Jack Couffer, Susan Damante, Susan Damante-Shaw, Robert Logan, Heather Rattray, Ham Larsen, George 'Buck' Flower, William Bryant, Cal Bartlett
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