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Mountain Family Robinson (1979)

Mountain Family Robinson (1979)
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Mountain Family Robinson is a 1979 family movie that stars Robert Logan, George Buck Flower and Susan Damante-Shaw. This film is a sequel to The Adventures of the Wilderness Family and The Further Adventures of the Wilderness Family. This title like the previous titles was filmed in the state of Colorado. The movie is rated G in the USA.

In the final sequel, the Robinsons celebrate the arrival of spring after surviving a fierce winter. Soon their happiness is quickly dashed as a Forest Service ranger informs them they must prove their mountain home is located on a legitimate mining claim or they must move out. Also, Pat finds out that her mother is ill and decides to go back to Los Angeles. Will the Robinsons lose their mountain home? Will Pat come back from the city?
Mountain Family Robinson, 1979, Jack Couffer, Susan Damante, Susan Damante-Shaw, Robert Logan, Heather Rattray, Ham Larsen, George 'Buck' Flower, William Bryant, Cal Bartlett, Calvin Bartlett, Jim Davidson, animal film, dog, Crust
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