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Argentine Horned Frog (Ceratophrys ornata) {!--아르헨티나뿔개구리--> latin dict size=47   common dict size=512
Image Info Original File Name: Pacman_Frog-Ornate_Horned_Frog-closeup.jpg Resolution: 250x186 File Size: 19231 Bytes Upload Time: 2006:01:20 10:31:26
Author Name (E-mail): Unknown
Subject Argentine Horned Frog (Ceratophrys ornata) {!--아르헨티나뿔개구리-->

Argentine Horned Frog (Ceratophrys ornata) {!--아르헨티나뿔개구리-->; Image ONLY
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Argentine Horned Frog (Ceratophrys ornata) {!--아르헨티나뿔개구리-->

From: "Seph..."
Subject: Re: Pacman Frog
Date: 28 Jan 1999 17:15:31 GMT

>Hi guys My son is getting a Pacman Frog any one have any Pic of this thing??
>He says They get big and eat Mice? And they bury themselves under ground??
>Can ya post a pic of this if ya have it??
>Thanks Jodie
>By His Grace
>Jodie & Shane
Pic and info from the site listed below...

Have fun reading... Hope this helps...


PacMan Frog CareSheet

After purchasing my PacMan Frog, I scoured the net for information on him.
But, I only found a few sites that had any information that was reliable,
and several sites with over opinionated ideas on frog care. I have however
had the pleasure of reading several books on frogs, and will incorporate my
gained knowledge from them herein. I do not claim to be an expert...yet!

The Ornate Horned Frog, also known as the PacMan frog has an amazingly fast
growth rate. Within about 2-3 weeks after hatching, they are already in
their adult form! As an adult, some PacMan frogs have been known to be up to
a pound in weight!

Ornatas are mostly Diurnal frogs, meaning they are like humans, asleep at
night, active during the day. They have also been known to be crepuscular,
which means that they are active during twilight. Like all frogs, the PacMan
frog sleeps with its eyes open. Frogs are not critters to be handled! The
Ornate Horned frogs skin is very sensitive, it acts as a secondary breathing
organ. Even if you wash your hands right before you touch him, your touch
can still be harmful! The oils found NATURALLY on your skin can be very
harmful to your frogs skin. The typical lifespan of a horned frog is about
six years...however some have been known to live twice that!

PacMan frogs aren't very picky eaters. Some will even attempt to eat your
fingers! If in fact, your Frog does bite your finger, be careful not to jerk
away, this action can hurt your froggie VERY badly, and since most frog
injuries are irreversible, this incident can potentially be lethal. If you
wait a second or two it will let go...just be patient!

Basically, keep only one frog per 10 gallon tank. If you are interested in
breeding, you must make sure you have a male and female (obviously) and they
must be about the SAME size. If they are not...or if they are not the right
sexes... one frog isn't going to be hungry for a while =) In their natural
habitat, PacMan frogs bury themselves in the leaves. So, logically, to make
them feel at should have a substrate that s/he can easily burrow
into. I myself have LizzardLitter? I find it easy to use and my frog seems
to love it. Other common substrates include: shredded paper towels(I don't
recommend this), top soil with bark mulch, or small and smooth pebble
aquarium gravel. No matter what your substrate is...keep it MOIST! You
should have a spray bottle to mist your terrarium daily. Also a water dish
should be kept for him/her at ALL times. I have an under-terrarium heater,
and a 25 watt incandescent full-spectrum DAYLIGHT Heat lamp, coated with
NEODYMIUM for him. I have heard that a heater, and artificial lighting isn't
needed. But to be honest with you, I didn't have artificial lighting for him
at first and he looked a dull green. Now that I have the light which is
coated with NEODYMIUM(a color enhancer) he looks very vibrant, and
lustrous(NOTE: The light doesn't enhance colors immediately, his color will
get better after a few days of absorbing it). Make sure to have the lighting
towards one side of the tank, so that if needed your frog can get out of the
direct light. It is also a good idea to have something for him to hide
under, like a reptile log(sold at most pet stores). I have a plastic plant
in my terrarium as well, he seems to like to burrow in its shade sometimes.
I have a MistyMate?which I use to wet down the terrarium, and to raise
humidity. All the water I use is dechlorinated. This is very important for
the health of your frog. Water can be dechlorinated in two ways: keeping it
out uncovered for a period of 24 hours; use a commercial dechlorinator. I
prefer the later. I simply cleaned out a 1 gallon milk
container(thoroughly), filled it with water, added the recommended dosage of
dechlorinator. Then you use this to fill your water bottle or MistyMate?to
mist the terrarium. Also use this for the water in his dish. He will be a
much happier, healthier frog! If you are using aquarium gravel as your
substrate, you may notice algae growth after about a week of this, this can
be solved by misting the gravel with regular water(assuming it has non
lethal levels of chlorine) , this will kill any algae and prevent more from
forming. Avoid spraying this directly on the frog. Remember, in about 24
hours this water you just sprayed will be don't worry.
Just do this periodically to keep down algae growth.

This one is easy to answer... The PacMan frog isn't very discriminative over
what it eats. Usually 3 to 4 crickets a day. Making sure to feed him calcium
dusted crickets every few days. All crickets should be "gut-loaded" with
vitamins. Commercial cricket diets are exceptional, and should be fed to
crickets for at least 24 hours prior to being fed to your Frog. Ornata's can
also be fed Goldfish, which I wouldn't recommend for the simple fact that
many goldfish carry diseases and can sicken your frog. Soon after your frog
enters adult-hood, it can be fed pinky mice. Once your frog gets big, so
does it's food. Rat fuzzies and rats will soon be on its diet. Don't get
upset if you don't see him eat for the first few weeks. Usually the only way
of knowing that he has eaten is that your in-tank cricket population will
rapidly decrease within a few hours...or sooner! However, when you do see
him/her eat, you will notice that it has a pink heart shaped tongue, and a
VERY big mouth! Mine makes a gulping kind of sound when he goes for his
food. Click here to find out how you can build an economic, efficient
cricket keeper for only a few dollars!

Care for this critter isn't very hard at all. Their are only a few things
that need to be done:

The terrarium should be misted DAILY to keep the terrarium humidity up.
The water dish must be kept full(deep enough to immerse frog up to top of
The water dish must be cleaned out every other day(not really a must but
should be considered one).
Should be fed daily when young. Adults usually can go for long periods
without eating.
Substrate should be cleaned/replaced once a month, or as needed.

Additional Information
Since I have only had this frog for a few weeks, I will be adding much, much
more to this webpage as soon as time permits. All information on this page
is correct to my knowledge. If you feel any information given here is
incorrect, please drop me a message, and I will correct the problem. Any and
all additional information you can give to me will be greatly appreciated.
If I receive enough of a response, I will put up a new section devoted to
"PacMan Errata". So please, If you have the time, share some of your
personal knowledge with the rest of us.

Pacman Frog.jpg

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