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Flight of the Butterflies (2012)

Flight of the Butterflies (2012)
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Flight of the Butterflies is a 2012 Canadian documentary film directed and co-written by Mike Slee for 3D IMAX, starring Megan Follows, Gordon Pinsent, and Shaun Benson. The film covers Dr. Fred Urquhart's nearly 40-year-long scientific investigation into the monarch butterfly (Danaus plexippus), tracking the details of what is considered one of the longest known insect migrations: the flight of the monarch butterfly from Central Mexico to The United States and Canada and back.
Flight of the Butterflies, 2012, Mike Slee, Gordon Pinsent, Patricia Phillips, Shaun Benson, Stephen Bogaert, Megan Follows, Jayden Greig, Dylan Hoerner, Alexandra Ordolis, Stephanie Sigman, Sofía Sisniega, documentary, animal film, insect, butterfly, monarch butterfly
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