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Harley's Hill (2011)

Harley's Hill (2011)
Resolution: 900x1165
A racing horse chooses a new path.

Harley, a thoroughbred with royal bloodlines, is being groomed to replace his father's success at Willowbrook Farms. An accident at a competition spooks him causing him to run-away. After discovering Harley a rancher and his daughter unable to locate the owner rehabilitate the horse into a champion jumper. Until his owner moves him back to Willowbrook farms.
Harley's Hill, 2011, Don Most, Christopher Atkins, Kirstin Dorn, Rance Howard, Deborah Thompson Duda, Jonathan Aube, Edward Finlay, Tom Ohmer, Jacob Rodier, Annee Capelle, Cody Devol, Lexi DiBenedetto, Ricky Hallam, Alex Hauser, Chuck May, Tracy Melchior, Colby Paul, Elmo Riley, David St. James, animal film, horse, racehorse
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