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Lightning, the White Stallion (1986)

Lightning, the White Stallion (1986)
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Rich gambler Barney Ingram's white prize stallion Cloverdale III is abducted by creditor Emmett Fallon, but he hits a school-bus and the horse ran off. Schoolkids Lucas Mitchell and Stephanie Ward believe "Emmett's" horse, find it and make a deal. It gets stabled with rich Madame Rene, renamed Lightning, but will be trained by the girl who dreams of a riding career. Barney's gambling debts meanwhile catch up, so he can't enjoy his much younger, ignorant lady-friend.
Lightning, the White Stallion, 1986, William A. Levey, Mickey Rooney, Susan George, Isabel García Lorca, Billy Wesley, Martin Charles Warner, Françoise Pascal, Read Morgan, Stanley Siegel, Jay Rasumny, Debra Berger, Murray Langston, Richard Lundin, Rick Lundin, Justin Lundin, Charles Pitt, Sheila Colligan, animal film, horse, white horse, Shannon McLeod
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