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King of the Sierras (1938)

King of the Sierras (1938)
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King of the Sierras is a 1938 American western directed by Samuel Diege and Arthur Rosson and distributed by Grand National Pictures. The film is also known as Black Stallion (alternative American title) and Killers of the Prairie in the United Kingdom.

An unusual film in that it was composed of new film footage tacked onto an original film produced by M. H. Hoffman Sr. and Jr.,and never released because of the collapse and merger of the Hoffman's Liberty Company into the newly-formed Republic operation in mid-1935, and consequently has two different sets of actors and production crew members. The "Hoffman" group was made up of director Arthur Rosson, writers Frank Gay (who also doubled as Associate Producer) and W. Scott Darling, cameraman Tom Galligan, editor Dan Milner, assistant director Milton Brown, noted animal trainer Jack Lindell(who also had a film role) and actors Frank Campeau, Wally Albright, Edward Peil Sr. and Morgan Brown. It was filmed in the vicinity of Fredonia, Arizona and this group in no way functioned as a 2nd unit. They were making their own film. The film went unreleased, and George A. Hirliman took it over for his Condor Productions unit at Grand National, and shot additional footage directed by Samuel Diege...
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