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Pride of the Blue Grass (1939)

Pride of the Blue Grass (1939)
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Based on the story of the steeplechase-winning blind jumping horse, Elmer Gantry aka Gantry the Great, owned by Eleanor Getzendaner. The horse plays himself.

The night that Mack Lowman's mare foals, the barn is struck by lightning, killing Mack, but Danny, his seventeen-year-old son escapes with the colt, Gantry the Great. Midge Griner gets Danny a job on the horse farm owned by her father, Colonel Bob Griner. Danny trains and rides Gantry to fame, but the horse goes blind in the Kentucky Derby, as the favorite, and pulls up and loses. Through a misunderstanding Danny is banned for a year. To recoup his and Gantry's honor, he enters the blind horse in the Aintree Grand National Steeplechase in England.
Pride of the Blue Grass, 1939, William C. McGann, Edith Fellows, James McCallion, Granville Bates, Aldrich Bowker, Arthur Loft, William Hopper, DeWolf Hopper, Frankie Burke, Frederic Tozere, Fred Tozere, Edgar Edwards, John Butler, Sam McDaniel, Sam McDaniels, Bernice Pilot, Walter Fenner, Raymond Brown, Lawrence Grant, animal film, horse, racehorse
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