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The Princess Stallion (1997)

The Princess Stallion (1997)
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When her divorced mother dies, Sarah, a 15 year old Californian girl, is sent to live with her father on his farm in the Scottish highlands. There she meets a hermit (Fergus) who looks after sick and injured animals and destroys any traps set by hunters. One day she sees a white stallion in the fog. Her father doesn't believe that the horse is real, and that Fergus is having too big an influence on her. But the poachers are after the beautiful horse.
The Princess Stallion, 1997, Mark Haber, Ariana Richards, Andrew Keir, David Robb, Marcia Layton, Sarah Keller, Ann Scott-Jones, Liam Dolan, Gary Lewis, Gordon Cameron, Gordon McArthur, Jeffrey Daunton, animal film, horse, white horse
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