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Into the West (1992)

Into the West (1992)
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Into the West is a 1992 Irish fantasy film about Irish Travellers, written by Jim Sheridan and directed by Mike Newell.

Grandpa Ward gives a horse he found to his grandchildren, who keep it in their tower-block flat in Dublin. The horse is stolen from them, and the two young boys set out to find it and flee on it.

Into the West is a film about two young boys, Tito (Conroy) and Ossie (Fitzgerald), whose father (Byrne) was "King of the Travellers" until his wife, Mary, dies during the birth of their second son, Ossie. The boys' grandfather (David Kelly) is an old story-telling Traveller, who regales the children with Irish folk-tales and legends. When he is followed by a beautiful white horse called Tír na nÓg (meaning "Land of Eternal Youth" in Irish), from the sea to Dublin, where the boys and their father now live, the boys are overwhelmed with joy and the dreams of becoming cowboys. The horse is stolen from them and they begin their adventure to get their mystical horse back. They escape the poverty of a north Dublin council estate, and "Into the West" where they find that Tír na nÓg is not just a horse.
Into the West, 1992, Mike Newell, Gabriel Byrne, Ellen Barkin, Ciarán Fitzgerald, Rúaidhrí Conroy, Ruaidhrí Conroy, David Kelly, Johnny Murphy, Colm Meaney, John Kavanagh, Brendan Gleeson, Jim Norton, Anita Reeves, Ray McBride, Dave Duffy, Stuart Dannell-Foran, Stuart Dannell, Becca Hollinshead, animal film, horse, white horse
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