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Venomous (2001)

Venomous (2001)
Resolution: 600x821
Venomous is a 2001 action horror film starring Treat Williams, Mary Page Keller and Hannes Jaenicke and directed by Fred Olen Ray, credited as Ed Raymond.

Mutant snakes survived a terrorist attack on a government laboratory, and they now threaten the town of Santa Mira Springs, California. Seismic activity has brought snakes to the surface, where residents are being bitten. Victims can transmit the virus to healthy persons. The military puts the town under quarantine. Local physicians try to control the epidemic, while the military is primarily concerned with keeping the virus a secret.
Venomous, 2001, Fred Olen Ray, Treat Williams, Mary Page Keller, Hannes Jaenicke, Catherine Dent, Tony Denison, Geoff Pierson, Brian Poth, Nicole Nieth, Christal Chacon, Jim Storm, Rick Hurst, Melissa Hayden, Melissa J. Hayden, Marc McClure, Andrew Stevens, Chas. Allan, Chas Allan, animal film, snake
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