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Vipers (2008)

Vipers (2008)
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Vipers is a 2008 film directed by Bill Corcoran. It stars Tara Reid and Corbin Bernsen. It premiered on the Syfy Channel on September 21, 2008, and was released on DVD on September 23, 2008. The name of the film was inspired by the Co/Ed softball team of the same name, playing games in the summer months throughout the Capital Region. It is the 12th film of the Maneater Series.

A set of vipers has been taken by the scientists, when the vipers escape into the woods, they do more than just bite.

A set of vipers has been taken by the scientists, and they've mutated them to make a cure for cancer, Then their experiment goes awry, and all these vipers escape into the woods, and they're not only biting people, they're actually killing people, in a little town.
Vipers, 2008, Bill Corcoran, Tara Reid, Jonathan Scarfe, Corbin Bernsen, Genevieve Buechner, Stephen E. Miller, Jessica Steen, Don S. Davis, Mark Humphrey, Aaron Pearl, Claire Rankin, Michael Kopsa, Mercedes McNab, Anwar Hasan, Edwina Cheer, Cedric De Souza, animal film, monster, snake, viper
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