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Rattled (1996)

Rattled (1996)
Resolution: 329x573
A horde of rattlesnakes inexplicably descends into "Eden Valley," terrorizing an isolated family and forcing them to fight for their lives.

Paul Donohue, architect and designer of a development project in a small valley community must overcome his fear of snakes when he learns that recent construction blasting has driven hundreds of ravenous and aggressive rattlesnakes out of their underground lair, all looking for food and a new place to live.
Rattled, 1996, Tony Randel, William Katt, Shanna Reed, Michael Galeota, Monica Lacy, Monica Creel, Ian Abercrombie, Richard Minchenberg, Ed Lauter, Clint Howard, Zack Eginton, Bibi Besch, Diane Delano, animal film, snake, rattlesnake
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