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King Cobra (1999)

King Cobra (1999)
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King Cobra is a 1999 Trimark Pictures direct to video horror/sci-fi film about an escaped genetically engineered hybrid of an Asian King Cobra and an Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake. The film was written and directed by David Hillenbrand and Scott Hillenbrand, and featured special effects by The Chiodo Brothers.

A mutated snake escapes from a laboratory and terrorizes the residents of a small California brewery town.

When a team of scientists led by Dr. Irwin Burns test an experimental drug that increases aggression in animals and humans, their biochemical lab explodes and a mutated nightmare escapes. Half African King Cobra and half Eastern Diamondback, Seth is pure evil. He's 30 feet long with a giant appetite for terror.
King Cobra, 1999, David Hillenbrand, Scott Hillenbrand, Pat Morita, Scott Brandon, Casey Fallo, Kasey Fallo, Hoyt Axton, Joseph Ruskin, Courtney Gains, Eric Lawson, Arell Blanton, Jerry Kernion, animal film, snake, cobra, king cobra, rattlesnake
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