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Copperhead (2008)

Copperhead (2008)
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Copperhead is a 2008 Horror Western film directed by Todor Chapkanov.

Small town in the Wild West is attacked by poisonous snakes.

The film begins with an outlaw named Wild Bill (Brad Johnson) riding onto an apparent battlefield; he finds an elderly Mexican who, asked what happened, replies "La Serpienta Del Diablo." Bill then walks to a carriage, a woman falls out, a copperhead slithers out, and Bill shoots it with his gun.
The Next Day, Bill arrives in a town in New Mexico. He walks into the saloon to get a drink. After he finishes, a cowboy named Jesse (Billy Drago) demands a poker game with Bill. Bill tries to tell Jesse that an army of highly aggressive snakes are headed straight for the town. Jesse says that if the snakes do not come they will have a gunfight, which they do. Jesse is shot in the chest. Bill is shot in the arm. Jesse is told to leave, but when he goes to the stable most of the horses are dead from the snakes. The women and children are put into the bank safe for safety. At night the snakes do come and the citizens create a pool to corner the snakes, but, to their horror, the snakes can swim. They then destroy the snakes with dynamite. In the morning, they realize the snakes are just juveniles. The mother shows up and she is 20 – 30 ft in length. They try to kill the mother by shooting fireplace pokers from a cannon, which prove ineffective. Bill comes up with a way to kill the snake; choke it. When that is unsuccessful Bill shoots the snake in the mouth, and kills it just when the sheriff comes out from their prison and the snake crushes him. The last scene shows Bill riding off west.
Copperhead, 2008, Todor Chapkanov, Brad Johnson, Keith Stone, Brad Greenquist, Wendy Carter, Gabriel Womack, Billy Drago, Atanas Srebrev, Todd Jensen, Violeta Markovska, George Zlatarev, Nick Harvey, Marta Kondova, Nathan Bautista, Kalina Green, Vlado Kolev, animal film, snake, copperhead
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