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Mammoth (2006)

Mammoth (2006)
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Mammoth is a 2006 action comedy horror directed by Tim Cox and produced by Plinyminor in association with the Sci Fi Channel starring Vincent Ventresca, Summer Glau, Leila Arcieri and Tom Skerritt. The film was nominated for a 2006 Emmy Award for Outstanding Special Visual Effects.

On a hot summer afternoon in the sleepy town of Blackwater, Louisiana locals exiting a retro-fitted theater excitedly watch as a meteor streaks across the sky and crashes through the roof of the local Natural History Museum. No one realizes that the meteor is actually a spaceship containing a shape-shifting life form. In order to adapt to Earth's atmosphere, the life form latches on to the first organism it comes in contact with - a partially frozen Woolly Mammoth found in the historic exhibit for which the town is famous. As a series of uncanny disasters unfold, the town quickly finds itself overrun by the alien-possessed mammoth. Local authorities and Government Investigators join forces with Frank Abernathy, the Museum Curator, and his father Simon, a B-Movie enthusiast to bring down the mighty mammoth, thus saving the town (and the world) in a wild adventure that blends the 50s alien-invasion flick, and the 70s revenge-of-nature opus into a marauding monster mash!
Mammoth, 2006, Tim Cox, Vincent Ventresca, Constantin Draganescu, Costica Draganescu, Summer Glau, Tom Skerritt, Cole Williams, Charles Carroll, Mark Irvingsen, David Kallaway, Leila Arcieri, Marcus Lyle Brown, Andrew Peter Marin, Andrew P. Marin, Dan Radulescu, Karen Parden Johnson, Karen Johnson, Coca Bloos, Boris Petroff, animal film, beast, mammoth
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