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Python 2 (2002)

Python 2 (2002)
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Pythons 2, released on home media as Python II and sometimes listed in references as Python 2), is a science-fiction/horror film released as a Sci Fi Pictures television film on the Sci Fi Channel. A 2002 sequel to the 2000 film Python, it stars Billy Zabka, reprising his role as Greg Larson from the first film, Dana Ashbrook and Simmone Jade Mackinnon. Directed by Lee McConnell, it was produced by Jeffery Beach and Phillip Roth for UFO/Unified Film Organization and Python Productions.

One of a pair of giant bioengineered pythons with acidic venom and armor-like skin, created by a Russian and American joint military operation led by U.S. Army Colonel Robin Evans Jefferson, Jr. (Marcus Aurelius), escapes into Russia's Ural Mountains. Jefferson and his team go to retrieve it, and find disaster in a clandestine Russian military base where the creature slaughters soldiers and scientists alike.
Python 2, 2002, Lee McConnell, William Zabka, Billy Zabka, Dana Ashbrook, Alex Jolig, Simmone Mackinnon, Simmone Jade MacKinnon, Marcus Aurelius, Mike Mitchell, Michael Mitchell, Anthony Nichols, Vladimir Kolev, Victor Kohl, Ken Evans, Raicho Vasilev, Raymond Valley, Vince Diamond, Velizar Binev, Tyrone Pinkham, Tyron Pinkham, Robert Sands, Sgt. Robert S, animal film, monster, snake, python
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