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Python 1 (2000)

Python 1 (Python) (2000)
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Python is a 2000 made-for-TV horror movie directed by Richard Clabaugh. The film features several cult favorite actors, including William Zabka of The Karate Kid fame, Wil Wheaton, Casper Van Dien, Jenny McCarthy, Keith Coogan, Robert Englund (best known for his role as Freddy Krueger in the A Nightmare on Elm Street series of films), Dana Barron, David Bowe, and Sean Whalen.

The film concerns a genetically engineered snake, a python, that escapes and unleashes itself on a small town. It includes the classic final girl scenario evident in films like Friday the 13th. It was filmed in Los Angeles, California and Malibu, California.

After a military plane crash near a small American town, a giant man-eating snake set off on a killing spree. The locals must find a way to eliminate the snake with the help of a scientist who knows about the snake and terminates it.

Python 1, Python, 2000, Richard Clabaugh, Frayne Rosanoff, Robert Englund, Casper Van Dien, William Zabka, Dana Barron, Sara Mornell, Wil Wheaton, Jenny McCarthy, Chris Owens, Sean Whalen, Gary Grubbs, Theo Nicholas Pagones, Theo Pagones, Scott Williamson, David Bowe, Keith Coogan, animal film, monster, snake, python
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