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Deadly Stingers (2003)

Deadly Stingers (2003)
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Residents of a half-way house are bombarded by 6 foot long killer scorpions. A horror/comedy homage to the giant mutant bug films of the 1950's.

When a series of brutal murders occur in a small American town, former criminals living in a halfway house come under the suspicion of the local sheriff. Investigations into illegal toxic waste dumping in the area, however, point towards a different and very deadly culprit.
Deadly Stingers, 2003, J.R. Bookwalter, Nicolas Read, Marcella Laasch, Sewell Whitney, Sarah Megan White, Jay Richardson, Stephen O'Mahoney, Trent Haaga, Lilith Stabs, Brinke Stevens, Ariauna Albright, Jeff Dylan Graham, Jeff Sisson, Jeffrey Sisson, Sunny Leone, William Lantry, T.K. Malone, animal film, monster, scorpion
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