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Arachnoquake (2012)

Arachnoquake (2012)
Resolution: 1017x1441
An earthquake triggers a giant spider attack on the city of New Orleans.

Arachnoquake tells the story of an earthquake which disturbs the mysterious underground habitat of an army of hyper-aggressive, blind, albino spiders – many of which have superpowers. Unsurprisingly this is bad news for humans, especially the hapless folks of New Orleans who sign find themselves being chased, bitten, burned and used as living incubators for the next generation of spiders.

Arachnoquake, 2012, Griff Furst, Megan Adelle, Gralen Bryant Banks, Gralen Banks, Paul Boocock, Edward Furlong, Tiara Ashleigh, Tiara Gathright, Tracey Gold, Bug Hall, Olivia Hardt, Grant James, Lucky Johnson, Earl Maddox, Skyy Moore, Ethan Phillips, Damien Moses, Damian Anthony Moses, Dane Rhodes, animal film, monster, spider
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