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Tremors 4: The Legend Begins (2004)

Tremors 4: The Legend Begins (2004)
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Tremors 4: The Legend Begins is a 2004 straight to video movie, that premiered January 2, 2004 on the Sci-Fi channel. It is the fourth and final film in the Tremors series of monster films. It is a prequel to the earlier movies.

A prequel to Tremors, this movie tells us about the founders of Rejection Valley and how they defended it against the dirt dragons AKA graboids.

In 1889, the town of Rejection, Nevada, depends on a nearby silver mine for its income. Rejection has a few residents. Christine Lord runs the local inn, which doesn't get a lot of business because Carson City is the busiest settlement in the area. Pyong Lien Chang, his wife Lu Wan Chang, and his son Fu Yien Chang are immigrants from China, and they own Chang's Market. Other residents include Old Fred, Brick Walters, Stony Walters, Big Horse Johnson, Soggy, miner Juan Pedilla, and Christine's friend Tecopa. When a hot spring causes four eggs to hatch, several men who work in the silver mine are killed by whatever hatched from the eggs. Everyone is too terrified to enter the mine. No one wants to risk their lives, even if shutting down the mine would mean the death of the town. With the mine shut down, the mine's owner, Hiram Gummer, arrives in the area from Philadelphia to investigate. Juan acts as Hiram's guide. As it turns out, each egg hatched a Graboid, but 1889 was about 100 ...
Tremors 4: The Legend Begins, 2004, S.S. Wilson, Michael Gross, Sara Botsford, Billy Drago, Brent Roam, August Schellenberg, J.E. Freeman, Ming Lo, Lydia Look, Sam Ly, Neil Kopit, Neal Kopit, Sean Moran, Matthew Seth Wilson, John Dixon, Dan Lemieux, Don Ruffin, animal film, monster, graboid, Tremors, sandworm
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