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Il nido del ragno (1988)

Il nido del ragno (The Spider's Nest) (Spider Labyrinth) (1988)
Resolution: 456x750
A professor sent to Italy to check on a reclusive colleague finds himself in a world whose reality seems less and less certain. That's about all one needs to know about the plot. Most Italian horror is mood driven not plot focused. The Spider Labyrinth certainly owes a debt to Dario Argento. We have a mystery, a sect, a hotel with strange residents, and the unsettling feeling that the protagonist left reality behind the moment he stepped off the airplane. The world of the film is one of magic, just like in Suspiria or Inferno, yet the film does not fall into the trap of being a rip-off of those films. Only one scene, the murder of a maid in a room with hanging sheets, suffers from being overly familiar. Otherwise, the film has the feel of an Argento film without coming across as theft. While The Spider Labyrinth is not without problems (some hokey FX; an at times easy to predict plot), it seems more daring and evocative than Mother of Tears, Argento's last Three Mothers film.
Il nido del ragno, The Spider's Nest, Spider Labyrinth, 1988, Gianfranco Giagni, Roland Wybenga, Paola Rinaldi, Margareta von Krauss, Claudia Muzi, Claudia Muzii, William Berger, Stéphane Audran, Valeriano Santinelli, Massimiliano Pavone, Arnaldo Dell'Acqua, László Sipos, Lazlo Sipo, Attila Lõte, Lote Attila, Bob Holton, Bill Bolender, John Morrison, Vanna Busoni, animal film, monster, spider
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