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Call of the Wild (1993)

Call of the Wild (1993)
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A young boy heads off to the Yukon after hearing tales about the Gold Rush, and he forms an unwavering friendship with a heroic Alsatian dog called Buck.

This version of Jack London's classic adventure was made for television and stars Rick Schroder as the inexperienced young prospector who heads northward for the Klondike gold-rush of 1897. While in the rugged territory he becomes friends with Buck, a courageous German Shepherd being used as a sled-dog.
Call of the Wild, 1993, Michael Toshiyuki Uno, Ricky Schroder, Rick Schroder, Gordon Tootoosis, Duncan Fraser, Richard Newman, Brent Stait, Mia Sara, Eric McCormack, Kerry Sandomirsky, Tom Heaton, Allan Lysell, Alan Lysell, Vince Metcalfe, Marie Stillin, Dayne Low, Peter Bibby, Bill Croft, animal film, dog, sled dog, German shepherd
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