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Monster (2008)

Monster (2008)
Resolution: 1041x1500
Monster is a 2008 direct-to-DVD Japanese daikaiju film.

Erin and sister Sarah travel to Japan to do interviews about global warming. However, on the 1st day of said interviews Tokyo suffers a horrendous earthquake and as they take cover, they soon discover the rumbling is caused by something quite different. The video shown documents their desperate attempt to escape while filming the events befalling them as it happens. What follows is their shaky hand-held footage that appears to have been recovered and presumably posted posthumously for all to see on the internet.
Monster, 2008, Erik Estenberg, Erin Evans, Sarah Lieving, Justin L. Jones, Kazuyuki Okada, Yoshi Ando, Jennifer Kim, Hiroshi Ueha, Akira Sato, Kosei Seki, Jason Williams, Robert Chu, Shinichiro Shimizu, Chad Nell, Yosuke Hosoi, Brian Takahashi, animal film, monster, octopus, kaiju
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