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Challenge to Be Free (1975)

Challenge to Be Free (1975)
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Challenge to Be Free is a 1975 film directed by Tay Garnett. It stars Mike Mazurki.

After an Alaskan fur trapper accidentally shoots and kills a ranger, he must flee through the frozen Arctic wilderness as he is chased by twelve men and one hundred dogs.

Based on an incredible true story, Challenge to Be Free captures the excitement of a marathon manhunt through 1,000 miles of the most rugged and beautiful terrain in the Alaskan Wilderness. Mike Mazurki gives a performance of a lifetime as Trapper, a mysterious loner who lives in the North Country with only wild animals as his friends. After running afoul of the law, trapper attempts to escape and a dramatic chase ensues by expert Indian trackers, law enforcement officers and woodsmen of the North. As they fight blizzards, avalanches, and frozen rivers in pursuit of Trapper, the inevitable confrontation that takes places gives birth to the legend of a man who went to cunning and astonishing lengths to evade his pursuers.

Challenge to Be Free, 1975, Tay Garnett, Mike Mazurki, Fritz Ford, Vic Christy, Jimmy Kane, Alex Van Bibber, Gordon Yardley, Bob McKinnon, Roger Reitano, Ted Yardley, Brian Russell, Connie Yardley, Patty Piper, John McIntire, animal film, dog, sled dogs
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