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Cougar Country (1970)

Cougar Country (1970)
Resolution: 375x500
Whiskers, a cougar cub from a litter of three, familiarizes himself with his habitat in Colorado's Rocky Mountains. Among the animals observed are banded Canadian geese, badgers, beavers, grizzly bears, marmots, big horn sheep, and skunks. Whiskers soon learns to avoid porcupines, snakes, and coyotes. Although an eagle attempts to abduct him, his mother rescues the cub. At 2 years of age, Whiskers becomes independent. An expert hunter, he enjoys elk, rabbit, and trout. Treed by men and dogs, his natural enemies, the cougar nevertheless manages to escape.
Cougar Country, 1970, Michael Rye, animal film, cougar, documentary
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