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The Living Desert (1953)

The Living Desert (1953)
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The Living Desert is a 1953 American nature documentary film which shows the everyday lives of the animals of the desert of the southwestern United States. The movie was written by James Algar, Winston Hibler, Jack Moffitt (uncredited) and Ted Sears. It was directed by Algar, with Hibler as the narrator and was filmed in Tucson, Arizona at the Westward Look Wyndham Grand Resort and Spa. The film won the 1953 Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature.

A day in the life of creatures living in a desert in the southwestern US is shown. Toads, reptiles, wild pigs, insects, mice and birds are followed going about their daily routine and the struggle to find food and not become it themselves.
The Living Desert, 1953, James Algar, Winston Hibler, documentary, animal film, nature, Walt Disney Productions
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