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The Red Stallion (1947)

The Red Stallion (1947)
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The Red Stallion is a 1947 American film directed by Lesley Selander. It is about a young boy who trains his beloved pet horse to be a racehorse in order to save his grandmother's farm from foreclosure.

Yong Joel Curtis finds an orphaned colt in the woods, whom he names "Red" and raises and trains him. When he learns that his grandmother is going to have to sell her ranch to pay off the debts, he trains Red, with the help of Andy McBride, as a race horse with the intention of selling his beloved animal friend in order to pay off his grandmother's debts.
Australian poster, The Red Stallion, 1947, Lesley Selander, Robert Paige, Noreen Nash, Ted Donaldson, Jane Darwell, Ray Collins, Guy Kibbee, Willie Best, Robert Bice, Pierre Watkin, Bill Cartledge, Daisy, Daisy the Dog, animal film, horse, racehorse, Red Stallion
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