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Danny Boy (1946)

Danny Boy (1946)
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Danny Boy is a 1946 American film directed by Terry O. Morse. The film is also known as Adventures of Danny Boy (American TV title).

Danny, a K-9 Corps hero from World War II returns from service and his young owner sets out to rehabilitate him. Danny is stolen but escapes and return to his master. Later, he attacks and bites the man who stole and tortured him, and is sentenced to death as a menace to the community. But Danny saves the life of a small, girl, and the Judge begins to re-think the sentence and investigate the cause of the attack.
Danny Boy, 1946, Terry O. Morse, Robert 'Buzz' Henry, Robert 'Buzzy' Henry, Ralph Lewis, Sybil Merritt, Helen Brown, Walter Soderling, Joseph Granby, Mickey McGuire, Michael McGuire, Ace the Wonder Dog, Ace, animal film, dog, German shepherd
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