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The Silent Call (1921)

The Silent Call (1921)
Resolution: 233x363
Clark Moran, master of Flash, a crossbreed of gray wolf and sheep dog, is called from his ranch to the city, and Flash, in despair, returns to the wilds. Moran, having developed an interest in Betty Houston as a result of the dog's discovering her camp, follows her to San Francisco. The ranchers, believing Flash to be a sheep killer, capture him and sentence him to be shot. Flash escapes to the mountains and there finds a wolf mate. Betty's father is captured by a gang of rustlers who receive orders from Luther Nash, a rival suitor of Betty's, and she also is kidnaped. Through Flash the gang is trapped by the sheriff and the father is rescued. Flash corners Brent, the leader, in the rapids, and only the dog survives. Betty is reunited with Moran.
The Silent Call, 1921, Laurence Trimble, Strongheart the Dog, John Bowers, Kathryn McGuire, William Dyer, Jim Mason, James Mason, Nelson McDowell, Ed Brady, Edwin J. Brady, Robert Bolder, animal film, dog, German shepherd, silent film
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