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Cast a Deadly Spell (1991)

Cast a Deadly Spell (1991)
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Cast a Deadly Spell (1991) is a horror/detective HBO movie with Fred Ward, Julianne Moore, David Warner and Clancy Brown. It was directed by Martin Campbell and written by Joseph Dougherty. The original music score was composed by Curt Sobel.

In 1948 Los Angeles, everyone uses magic- everyone except hard-boiled private detective H. Phillip Lovecraft, who refuses for "personal reasons." Lovecraft is hired by a mysterious rich man to recover a stolen book, the Necronomicon. Investigating, he finds that the book holds the key to taking over the world by magical means, releasing the "Old Ones". (Contains several in-jokes to H.P. Lovecraft's horror fiction and also the hard-boiled detective genre.)
Cast a Deadly Spell, 1991, Martin Campbell, Fred Ward, David Warner, Julianne Moore, Clancy Brown, Alexandra Powers, Charles Hallahan, Arnetia Walker, Raymond O'Connor, Peter Allas, Lee Tergesen, Ritch Brinkley, Jaime Cardriche, John De Bello, David Downing, Colin Drake, animal film, monster, detective film
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