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Never Cry Werewolf (2008)

Never Cry Werewolf (2008)
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Never Cry Werewolf is a 2008 television film starring Kevin Sorbo and Nina Dobrev.

When 16-year-old Loren (Nina Dobrev) and her family greet a new neighbor, Jared (Peter Stebbings), a good-looking single guy and his dog, she senses something mysterious and dangerous about him. Her suspicions become further aroused when some of the locals begin disappearing one by one. As Loren becomes obsessed with her neighbor's behavior, she is unaware that he is monitoring her just as closely as a hungry wolf stalking its prey at night. Because Loren reminds her neighbor of his young and deceased wife, Melissa, he claims her as his territory and bites her friend Angie, who seems to be close to her. With the help of local TV hunting show personality Redd Tucker (Kevin Sorbo) and a delivery boy with a secret crush on attractive Loren, the unlikely trio prepare for a full-moon showdown against an immortal creature with insatiable bloodlust. Jared also has Loren's brother locked inside a freezer. It's her brother's life for hers.
Never Cry Werewolf, 2008, Brenton Spencer, Nina Dobrev, Kevin Sorbo, Peter Stebbings, Spencer Van Wyck, Melanie Leishman, Kim Bourne, Sean O'Neill, Nahanni Johnstone, Von Flores, Rothaford Gray, Billy Otis, Rebekah Boisvert, Julie Sype, Greg Calderone, Kelly Fiddick, animal film, beast, werewolf
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