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Fang and Claw (1935)

Fang and Claw (1935)
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Fang and Claw is a 1935 jungle adventure documentary starring Frank Buck. Buck continues his demonstration of the ingenious methods by which he traps wild birds, mammals and reptiles in Johore.

Frank Buck and his native crew hunt the jungles of the Far East to capture wild animals for American zoos. Buck first traps a 300-pound python, then a Bird of Paradise. Buck comes on a baby armor-plated rhinocerous as it is being attacked by a tiger. Buck shoots the tiger to save the baby rhino, then amputates its mangled ear. Returning to camp, they find a 24-foot python, which they shoot out of a tree and bag with a net. To snare monkeys, Buck sets up a huge net and lures them with food such as tapioca. Next, Buck snares a sixteen-foot crocodile and another python, which had bitten and encoiled itself around his helper Ali. Buck then enters a deep Malaysian jungle to seek a tiger. With the use of a cage and the help of natives, he finally captures it.
Fang and Claw, 1935, Frank Buck, animal film, tiger, bird, snake, python, rhino
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