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Infested (2002)

Infested (2002)
Resolution: 776x1094
When tragic circumstances bring five old friends back to their hometown, revisiting their favorite childhood vacation home seems like a great way to mourn the recent death in their lives. None of them, however, are privy to the fact that a mysterious colony of mutant flies have been breeding in the house during their long absence. Within hours of their arrival, the reunited friends become ill-fated hosts for the flies reproductive cycle -- once the eggs have been laid within their bodies, hope for survival is nil. Infested features Zach Galligan and Amy Jo Johnson, as well as Lisa Ann Hadley, Daniel Jenkins, and Robert Duncan McNeill.
Infested, 2002, Josh Olson, Zach Galligan, Lisa Ann Hadley, Daniel Jenkins, Amy Jo Johnson, Nahanni Johnstone, Robert Duncan McNeill, Jack Mulcahy, David Packer, Camilla Overbye Roos, Tuc Watkins, Mark Margolis, German poster, Eaten alive - Invasion der Killerinsekten, animal film, monster, fly, insect
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