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The Night Cry (1926)

The Night Cry (1926)
Resolution: 1322x2000
Rin-Tin-Tin, beloved dog of the Martin family, is accused of killing sheep on adjoining ranches. Despite circumstantial evidence that implicates "Rinty" in the slaughter of lambs, the Martins are sure that "Rinty" is innocent. The other farmers tell John Martin that he must kill his dog, as it is the law of the land. John Martin is unable to shoot "Rinty," and he and his wife decide to hide the dog instead. Only "Rinty" knows that the real culprit of the slaughtering is a giant condor vulture, which eventually carries away the Martin's baby, Louise. "Rinty" saves the baby in the nick of time, and kills the condor. All is then forgiven.
The Night Cry, 1926, Herman C. Raymaker, Rin Tin Tin, John Harron, June Marlowe, Gayne Whitman, Heinie Conklin, Don Alvarado, Mary Louise Miller, silent film, animal film, dog, condor
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