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My Ghost Dog (1997)

My Ghost Dog (My Magic Dog) (1997)
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This is a very touching story that contains drama, love and humor. It's about a boy who has a dog that meets an untimely end when he is struck by a car (shown off-screen so it's OK for the kids). The dog is the same one that starred in "Fluke". The boy has to cope with his loss... and as the title suggests, the dog comes back as a ghost to help the boy and his family. Good humor and some slapstick.
My Ghost Dog, My Magic Dog, 1997, John Putch, Leo Milbrook, Bryan Mendez, Jessica Knoblauch, Sarah Tinnon, Russ Tamblyn, Kate Doughan, John Ermin, Jerry Turner, John Phillip Law, J.C. Richards, Sharon Alsina, T.L. Brooke, Robert Lepucki, Michael Pizzuto, Jerry P. Jacobs, Jake, animal film, dog
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