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Johnny & Clyde (1995)

Johnny & Clyde (1995)
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A special friendship develops when a ten-year-old boy is given a slobbering, high-maintenance bloodhound by his parents, who want to teach the youngster responsibility.

A 10-year-old kid in a new school meets up with the school bully and gets grounded on the same day, and if that's not enough, he's forced to look after an old hound dog with a nose for trouble. Soon, though, the boy and dog bond, getting into a wild adventure that teaches Johnny a thing or two about life and friendship.
Johnny & Clyde, 1995, William Bindley, Michael Rooker, John White, Johnny White, Sam Malkin, David B. Nichols, Diane Douglass, Diana Reis, Christian Matheson, Tyrone Benskin, Michelle Jaeger, Reg Dreger, Bunty Webb, B.J. McQueen, Carl Amari, Len Foley, Kevin Duhaney, animal film, dog
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