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Murder She Purred: A Mrs. Murphy Mystery (1998)

Murder She Purred: A Mrs. Murphy Mystery (1998)
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Disney's delightful whodunnit mystery Murder She Purred is told through the eyes of two four-legged critters considerably smarter than the humans they are observing. Based on the novel by Rita Mae Brown, the film is set in a small Virginia town where secrets run as deep as Southern-style charm. Mary Minor "Harry" Haristeen (Ricki Lake) calls the shots around town as she runs the post office. But the real brains of the burb belong to Harry's cat, the acerbic Mrs. Murphy (voiced by Blythe Danner), and the interminably hungry Tucker (voiced by Anthony Clark), a Welsh corgi who suffers from little-dog syndrome. This feline/canine duo is quickly on the scent when a local man is found murdered at the bottom of the lake. All evidence points to Dr. Blair Bainbridge (Linden Ashby) a town newcomer who moves in next to Harry, and, it turns out, has buried some secrets of his own. While local sheriffs try to unmask the murderer, Harry falls for Dr. Bainbridge in spite of his questionable character. As the plot thickens, so do the amusing antics and one-liners from Mrs. Murphy and Tucker. It's up to the animals to solve the mystery, despite their "pet peeves" over the bumbling efforts of humans. Lake is terrific as the low-key, likeable, but lonely Harry, and the rest of the cast deliver decent performances, but the biggest kudos go to our furry friends who save the day in a surprise ending that is certain to please family audiences.
Murder She Purred: A Mrs. Murphy Mystery, 1998, Simon Wincer, Ricki Lake, Linden Ashby, Bruce McGill, Christina Pickles, Judith Scott, Kari Coleman, Blythe Danner, Anthony Clark, Edie McClurg, Ed Begley Jr., Terri Hawkes, Wayne Robson, Zehra Leverman, Aaron Pearl, animal film, dog
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