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Treasure Buddies (2012)

Treasure Buddies (2012)
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Treasure Buddies is a 2012 Disney direct-to-DVD family film, directed by Robert Vince and produced by Anna McRoberts. It is the 6th installment in the Air Buddies franchise. The Buddies head to the ruins of Ancient Egypt, where, with the help of a monkey named Babi and a camel named Cammy, explore tombs, escape booby traps, and race against a Sphynx cat named Ubasti in search of treasure. The movie was released by Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment on DVD, Blu-ray, and as a movie download on January 31, 2012.

The film opens with a pickpocketing monkey named Babi who tells his nephew how he met the Buddies. The Buddies' great uncle, Digger was the partner of an archaeologist, Thomas Howard, who retrieve one half of a dial which would lead to Queen Cleocatra's tomb. He never found the other half and retired. The scene then switches to present Fernfield where Thomas is giving his grandson's class, Pete a tour of the Egyptian exhibit. The Buddies, Budderball, B-dawg, Buddha, Mudbud and Rosebud are also at the exhibit. Pete stays behind with his grandfather who gives Pete's dog, Mudbud, Digger's bandanna. A British archaeologist,
Treasure Buddies, 2012, Robert Vince, Richard Riehle, Mason Cook, Adam Alexi-Malle, Lochlyn Munro, Mo Gallini, Christopher Maleki, Edward Herrmann, Skyler Gisondo, Field Cate, G. Hannelius, Nico Ghisi, Ty Panitz, Tucker Albrizzi, Tim Conway, Mason Elston Cook, Aidan Gemme, Elaine Hendrix, Ranya Jaber, Anna Primiani, Kaitlyn Maher, Maulik Pancholy, Tygh Runyan, Bonnie Somerville, Ryan Stiles, animal film, dog, Air Buddies
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