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Theodore Rex (1995)

Theodore Rex (1995)
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Theodore Rex, also known as T. Rex, is a 1995 buddy cop/science fiction/family film starring Whoopi Goldberg. Though originally intended for theatrical release, the film went direct-to-video, and consequently became the most expensive direct-to-video film ever made at the time of its release.

In an alternate futuristic society, a tough female police detective is paired with a talking dinosaur to find the killer of dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals leading them to a mad scientist bent on creating a new Armageddon.

Theodore Rex, 1995, Jonathan R. Betuel, Whoopi Goldberg, Armin Mueller-Stahl, Juliet Landau, Bud Cort, Stephen McHattie, George Newbern, Carol Kane, Richard Roundtree, Jack Riley, Peter Mackenzie, Joe Dallesandro, Tony T. Johnson, Susie Coelho, Peter Kwong, Edith Diaz, animal film, dinosaur, T.rex, Tyrannosaurus rex
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