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Space Buddies (2009)

Space Buddies (2009)
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Space Buddies is a 2009 family comedy film. It is the third film in the Air Buddies series. It was released February 3, 2009. Like Air Buddies and Snow Buddies, this film was released directly on DVD and became the first Air Bud film to be released on Blu-ray.

The film starts as Buddha (Field Cate) and his owner Sam (Nolan Gould) are star-gazing. As a shooting star passes, Sam makes a wish that he can touch the moon. The next day is the day of Sam's school field trip to Vision Enterprises to watch a test launch of the Vision 1 space craft. However, since no pets are allowed to go, Sam has to leave Buddha at home. Buddha meets up with the other Buddies, Budderball (Josh Flitter), Rosebud (Liliana Mumy), B-Dawg (Skyler Gisondo), and Mudbud (Henry Hodges), and invites them to come with him to go to see the test launch...
Space Buddies, 2009, Robert Vince, Jason Earles, Diedrich Bader, Lochlyn Munro, Bill Fagerbakke, Kevin Weisman, Ali Hillis, C. Ernst Harth, Christopher Gauthier, Quinn Lord, Field Cate, Liliana Mumy, Josh Flitter, Skyler Gisondo, Pat Finn, Henry Hodges, Nolan Gould, Amy Sedaris, Wayne Wilderson, Reese Schoeppe, animal film, dog, dogs, Air Buddies
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