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Perri (1957)

Perri (A True-Life Fantasy: Perri) (1957)
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Perri is a 1957 film from Walt Disney Productions, based on Felix Salten's 1938 book of the same name. It was the company's fifth feature entry in their True Life Adventures series, and the only one to be labeled a True Life Fantasy. In doing so, the Disney team combined the documentary aspects of earlier efforts with fictional scenarios and characters.

The story's title character is a young female squirrel who learns about forest life, and finds a mate in Porro, a male squirrel. In the film, there are seasons called the Time of Beauty, Time of Peace, and Together Time.

This True Life Fantasy follows and shows how the life of a female squirrel, Perri, in the forest is filled with danger and fraught with peril. When not fleeing her natural enemy, the Marten, Perri finds time to fall in love with her prince-charming male squirrel.
Perri, A True-Life Fantasy: Perri, 1957, Paul Kenworthy, Ralph Wright, Winston Hibler, Walt Disney Productions, animal film, squirrel
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