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Owd Bob (1998)

Owd Bob (1998)
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Owd Bob is a 1998 British-Canadian drama film directed by Rodney Gibbons and starring James Cromwell, Colm Meaney and Jemima Rooper. It is based on the novel Bob, Son of Battle by Alfred Ollivant. Recently orphaned in America, teenager David Roberts must spend the summer with grumpy maternal grandfather Adam MacAdam, whom he never met, on his sheep-farm on the Isle of Man. Both long for the end of the summer, having nothing in common but their love for dogs, notably Adam's precious champion sheepdog Bob. David strikes a friendship with Maggie, the sassy daughter of friendly neighbor Keith Moore, but Adam hates that family on account of an old canine competition-related tragedy. Other neighbors suspect Bob and the Moore's dog of the recent series of nocturnal sheep-kills.
Owd Bob, 1998, Rodney Gibbons, James Cromwell, Colm Meaney, Jemima Rooper, John Benfield, Anthony Booth, Dermot Keaney, Moira Brooker, Anna Keaveney, Dylan Provencher, Paul Moulton, Len Hulme, Pam Smith, Liz Peters, Jo Hulme, Alan Barker, animal film, dog
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