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Dragon Hunter (2009)

Dragon Hunter (2009)
Resolution: 1200x1778
In times of orcs and dragons, the orphan Kendrick was raised by his overprotective brother Darius. When their village is attacked by dragons, they have to move through the woods seeking the land of Ocard where a dragon hunter should be trained. They teem-up with a group of warriors wandering in the forest and the walk together to Ocard, in a dangerous journey under the attack of orcs and dragons. When they arrive in their destination, Darius discloses a secret to his brother.
Dragon Hunter, 2009, Stephen Shimek, Kelly Stables, Brad Johnson, Newell Alexander, Erik Denton, Slate Holmgren, Adam Johnson, Brian King, David Morgan, Maclain Nelson, Jason Purdie, Bob Richardson, Orlando Seale, Derrik Shakespear, Isaac C. Singleton Jr., Jake Suazo, Adam Barbay, Reese Purser, animal film, dragon, monster
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