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Dragon Storm (2004)

Dragon Storm (2004)
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Dragon Storm is a 2004 made for TV fantasy action film written by Patrick Phillips and Sam Wells, and directed by Stephen Furst. The film is noted as the Sci Fi Channel's most-watched original movie with over 3 million viewers of the premiere broadcast.

Meteorites falling from the sky during a meteor shower act as transportation for dragons traveling within. The dragons wreak havoc on the surrounding medieval countryside and two rival monarchs, King Fastrad (John Rhys-Davies) and King Wednesbury (John Hansson) must join forces to face the threat.
Dragon Storm, 2004, Stephen Furst, Maxwell Caulfield, Angel Boris Reed, Angel Boris, Woon Young Park, Richard Wharton, Tony Amendola, Iskra Angelova, John Rhys-Davies, John Hansson, Ivaylo Geraskov, Tyrone Pinkham, Jeff Rank, Maxim Gentchev, Vlado Nikolov, Peter Verlinden, Alex Nesterov, animal film, dragon, monster
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