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March of the Dinosaurs (2011)

March of the Dinosaurs (The Great Dinosaur Escape) (2011)
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March of the Dinosaurs is a CGI film which has appeared on television and was released on DVD on 27 May 2011. It was made by Impossible Pictures, the same company that created the Walking with... series and Primeval. Set 70 million years ago in the Cretaceous in North America, the film follows the journey of a young Edmontosaurus named Scar and his herd as they migrate south for the winter. This film depicts recent findings about Dinosaurs, such as Tyrannosaurs with feathers and hunting packs, dinosaurs in the snow and migrating.
March of the Dinosaurs, The Great Dinosaur Escape, 2011, Matthew Thompson, Stephen Fry, documentary, animal film, dinosaur, Edmontosaurus
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