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Thunderhead - Son of Flicka (1945)

Thunderhead - Son of Flicka (1945)
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Thunderhead, Son of Flicka is a 1945 Technicolor family film directed by Louis King. It was adapted to screen by Dwight Cummins and Dorothy Yost from the novel by Mary O'Hara, and is based on the second book in the series, following Flicka, which was filmed in 1943 (as My Friend Flicka) and remade in 2006.

The first feature film to be photographed entirely on 35mm Color negative film, in this case Technicolor Color motion picture film (section Monopack color film). Earlier color features used black and white negative film photographed behind color filters, or used Monopack only for certain sequences.
Thunderhead - Son of Flicka, 1945, Louis King, Roddy McDowall, Preston Foster, Rita Johnson, James Bell, Patti Hale, Diana Hale, Carleton Young, Ralph Sanford, animal film, horse, Flicka
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